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Am I Qualified for Renewal of my Green Card?

The qualification process for Renewal of your Green Card is pretty straight forward. We have made it even more simple and easy to understand in our Qualification Quiz! See if you are qualified for our services.

Full Assembly Package
+ Attorney Review



This package allows you to read and answer the questions, then provides the full packet as required by the government available for Print and Mail. Also provides the required cover letter. Also Includes an Attorney Review. PLUS: You have a dedicated guide that is directly working on your case. All documents will be received directly in the system for Review and Stacking. Your application will be assembled completely by the system, reviewed by your guide and an Attorney. (Government fees are not included in price)

What is the Renewal of Green Card?

This is the process used to get more years or extend the expiration date on your current green card or lawful permanent resident card. You cannot use this application process to remove conditions on a conditional green card, but you can use it to request a ten year extension on your current card. 

Why Renew your Green Card?

Because it is required by law. You must have an unexpired green card in your possession at all times while in the USA, if you are a lawful permanent resident. You file for the renewal about 6 months prior to the expiration date of your current green card. You can renew most times even if your green card expires or has been expired for a significant period of time. 

How long does the process take?

The government is currently experiencing some pretty heavy delays and it can take from 12-24 months to get your new card, but the government provides an extension on the receipt that you get when you apply. 

Does the government charge a fee for Renewal?

Yes, the government charges a filing fee for almost all immigration benefits. It is possible to get that fee waived in very limited circumstances. The normal filing fee is $540.

What will I need to send to Immigration with my filing fee?

That really depends on your immigration and criminal history, marriage history, your previous dealings with certain government officials, and other information. Don’t worry, we will walk you through the whole process.